Deathwish Cyclists

“Cycling is a healthy, non-polluting and efficient travel choice, however cyclists can be at risk on the road unless there are safe facilities. The Council has invested in a comprehensive network of cycleways and infrastructure to encourage cycling. Our aim is to continue to work towards providing a safe, convenient and continuous network of cycleways in the Borough.”RBWM web site

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead provides nearly 125 miles of signposted cycle routes, so why am I delayed on my daily commute by inconsiderate cyclists who insist on riding on my road? Are they paying £170 a year for the privilege? There is a safe and deserted cycle lane marked out on the pavement, so why the hell aren’t they using it? 😡


Every day I sit in long lines of polluting traffic caused by vehicles waiting for a safe opportunity to overtake cycles. The thought of knocking one of the buggers over (in the interests of saving the environment obviously :wink:) becomes ever more appealing!

Can someone please explain? Do they have a deathwish?

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