The English are Pikeys

Your national football team is crap, so why not terrorise a bunch of innocent people to make up for it? Yes, that makes total sense – to the English. Your parents must be *so* proud!

Source: BBC News

Portugal fans had to be led to safety after more than 300 people began throwing missiles at a Norfolk pub following England’s Euro 2004 defeat.

Police arrested 11 people after the trouble outside the Portuguese-run Red Lion pub in Thetford. Bottles, stones and bricks were hurled at the pub, smashing windows. One female police officer was injured.

The landlord of the pub, Sergio Quieros, said the damage to trade and the premises made it almost impossible for him to stay in the UK. He said: “I don’t know if I will run the pub anymore. It’s a shame because we have 6,000 Portuguese in Thetford. Maybe I’ll go back to Portugal and stay there.”

I don’t blame you Sergio, mind if I join you?

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