The Annoying Thing

Daniel Malmedahl

This is the face of the person responsible for the repellent Crazy Frog which has consumed every spare second of television advertising space and polluted our audio environment. The UK Advertising Standards Agency has been deluged with complaints, but are powerless to do anything.

“We are aware of viewer concern about the current frequency of Jamster advertising and the terrestrial channels have been informed. If you wish to complain about the frequency of Jamster ringtone advertisements, please do not complain to the ASA. You should contact the broadcaster direct. The frequency of any particular advertisement is not part of the ASA’s remit.”

There is also a related case regarding complaints made to the ASA about the frog’s obvious genitalia.

Erik Wernquist is the creator of the original frog animation (rather aptly named “The Annoying Thing”) which he set to Daniel Malmedahl’s sped-up moped imitating audio track.

Here are their email addresses:

Please tell them how much you appreciate their creation 😈

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