Sky+ signal lock

For anyone else experiencing Sky+ recording problems, here are some suggestions.

The Sky+ unit includes two separate satellite decoders which require a separate cable input each (these cables connect all the way to your satellite dish). It may be that one of the inputs is no longer functioning or has become disconnected.

To check the signal inputs go to:


If all is well, you should see a screen similar to below with the Lock Indicator of both inputs showing OK:

Signal OK

If one or both of the inputs is NOT LOCKED then something is wrong.

The first probable cause to eliminate is a simple loose cable connection. Disconnect and reconnect the defective cable input (they are labelled on the back of the unit), power-cycle and try again.

If this has not fixed the problem then try swapping over the satellite cable inputs. If Input 2 is still not locked then it is probably a hard disk defect as you have proven that both cables are fine.

Occasionally the planner gets corrupted. To rebuild the planner you need to use the hidden installer menu:


You should see a screen similar to the following:

Installer Menu

Select SKY+ PLANNER REBUILD. This should fix the planner in a non-destructive way. Reset the unit.

If this has not made any difference, you can try a full factory reset. This is a last resort as you will erase all the programmes that you have recorded.

  1. Switch off at the mains
  2. Hold down the left & right navigation keys on the front of the box
  3. Switch the power on while continuing to hold down the keys
  4. After 30 seconds the green Play light should illuminate
  5. Release the left/right keys and press SELECT
  6. The green ring will rotate anti-clockwise during the reset
  7. After approx. 3 minutes the unit will go into standby mode
  8. Leave the unit for 5 minutes to allow the disk to reformat

Switch on and check the SIGNAL TEST screen again.

Finally if the factory reset has not worked, you can try low-level formatting the hard disk. In order to remove the drive you will need a T10 Torx Security screwdriver bit, available from Maplin Electronics – product code GU60Q.

For Seagate drives, download DiscWizard.

After wiping the disk, repeat the factory reset as above.

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