Idiot Tax

Michael Carroll

A middle-aged woman from County Limerick in Ireland has won £77 million (€112 million) in the EuroMillions Lottery (the jackpot sum was accumulated through nine rollovers).

How can this be obscene payout be justified? I have no moral objections to the National Lottery, if the great unwashed choose to throw their money away on this Idiot Tax then I won’t stand in their way. The Lottery donates money to many good (and not so good) causes as well as making thick people millionaires, but this latest payout has gone too far.

Her son Dean commented: “I don’t plan to sit around the house and get fat. I am going to be a bricklayer like my dad and I intend to finish my apprenticeship and get my qualifications.

His mother has £77 million in the bank and he wants to pursue a career in bricklaying? Oh perlease!

The anti-social and lawless antics of £10 million lottery (and ASBO) winner Michael Carroll (pictured) have been a regular feature in the tabloids since his win in 2002.

It’s time these payouts were capped before we give one of the idiots so much money they do something dangerous on a huge scale. There is a very good reason why stupid people aren’t rich – it’s called natural selection. We are messing with nature and should beware of the consequences!

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