Call queue challenge

Your time is precious” proclaims the SpinVox web site.

For those not in the know, SpinVox is a service that “converts your voicemails into text messages and sends them straight to your mobile phone or email.”

This is not a rant directed at the SpinVox translation service as I have been using SpinVox for a few months and it has generally been ok. The quality of speech to text translation can be a bit ropey and it is evident that they are using humans to convert at least some of the messages, so if privacy is a concern then don’t use this service.

My issue is with their “time is precious” motto. If my time is so precious to them, why did they keep me waiting in a call queue for 61 minutes to cancel my subscription?

May I ask why you are cancelling your subscription with us?” the advisor asked.
“Do you know how long I have been waiting in the call queue?” I asked in return.
Er, sorry about that… about half an hour?
“No, sixty-one minutes to be precise”
Oh, that’s bad

Too right it’s bad. Can anyone beat 61 minutes on hold?

For reference, you can also cancel SpinVox by sending “STOP” to 84004 (which isn’t mentioned on their web site).

1 thought on “Call queue challenge

  1. We were unhappy when we heard about the poor customer service that you experienced.

    Your feedback is really valuable. Looking into our call records for that week, we did discovered that 3 calls got ‘stuck’ in our system due to a problem with our inbound call system. Although this can’t change your own experience, we can assure you that the unreasonable waiting time of 61 minutes is totally uncharacteristic with our standard levels of service. The average call waiting time for that week was 52.4 seconds, even after being skewed by the 3 calls that were ‘stuck’ in the system.

    Providing fast, reliable and efficient customer care is of paramount importance to the SpinVox team, particularly as our voicemail-to-text service is geared at helping busy people save time, hassle and money.

    If you want to continue using the service, we would be really happy to compensate you for the time lost waiting in the queue, and would urge you to call us on 0870 033 7300 – we guarantee that your call will be answered promptly this time.

    Claudette Cameron
    Marketing Communications Manager

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