Hachette Job

Has anyone else seen the badly dubbed television advert for the Radio Control BMW M3 GTR?

“Chrome wheels… cool rear spoiler… check out its speed and power! Radio control BMW M3 GTR. High performance nitro engine, up to 50 miles per hour. Every week assemble, style and tune your radio control BMW M3 GTR and customise it to the max. Issue one, model components and DVD all for 50p”

Wow – I’m impressed! 😉 But then we get to the small print… “Radio control kit sold separately. Complete in 95 issues.”

Their promotional web site at the rather confusing www.rc-bmw-m3gtr.co.uk has the following additional subscription information:

  • Issue 1 comes for the special price of £0.50, issue 2 at £3.99 and issue 3 onwards is at £5.99 per issue (free postage and packing).
  • Thereafter, I will receive 4 issues packed together every 4 weeks at a price of £5.99 per issue (postage and packing free).

So the total cost is £561.56, it will take nearly two years to complete and you still have to purchase the expensive RC kit separately. Bargain! 😯 This is also assuming that Hachette Partworks Ltd (a subsidiary of the French owned Hachette Livre) are still in business and can be bothered to fulfil the entire set of publications.

Please don’t be tempted by this ridiculous scheme. If you want help with building a decent RC vehicle, I recommend that you visit Apex Models in Crowthorne (Berkshire), or use their mail order service.

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