Palm connection settings for Wireless Web

Having spent a frustrating time working out how to connect a Palm handheld device to 3’s Wireless Web service, I am sharing below the settings which make this happen. This configuration has been tested with LG handsets.

Applications -> Prefs -> Connection

Name: 3G
Connect to: Local Network
Via: Bluetooth
Device: your_handset_name

Network Settings

Service: 3 Internet
User Name: 3
Password: 3
Connection: 3G

Select “Details…” and ensure that the settings are as follows:

Connection type: PPP
Idle timeout: Never
Query DNS: Yes
IP Address: Automatic

Tap “Script…” and input the following dial script commands:

Send: AT+CGATT=0 ; AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,””
Send CR:
Send: ATDT*98#
Send CR:

Tap “Connect” and cross your fingers 🙂

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