Save Our Server!

After a break of five months, I have recovered my databases and this blog is up and running again.The cause of the downtime was a total failure of the server hosting the web site and database, which gave up in the extraordinary London heat after 782 days of continuous uptime.

When I eventually collected the deceased server (a Gigabyte GS-SR101T) and investigated further, it turns out that it was the cheapest of all components that was to blame. Two out of four disk fans and both CPU blower fans had failed, causing the onboard monitoring to shut down the machine in the interests of self-preservation.


Unfortunately unless I can source the precise replacement parts which are required to squeeze into the slim 1U case, the £1,500 server will remain in pieces forever. Despite much web searching and many emails to suppliers, I have been unable to find the spare parts.

So I am making a desperate plea for either Y.S.Tech BD1250159B-2F or Sunon GB1205PHVX-8AY 50x50x15mm 12V blower fans (pictured below). Can you please help to save our server?

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