Equality for the able now please


That was the headline of a recent BBC News article. It concerns a decision by a Derby hospital to charge disabled patients for parking. I ask, why haven’t they been doing so already? I am outraged too!

Disabled people have the benefit of convenient reserved parking spaces but still don’t want to pay for them. Well hard luck! I commend this hospital for doing away with the unjust favour for the disabled community. Being disabled gives you the ‘right’ to the cleanest toilets and closest parking spaces, but you want it all to be free as well? What makes you so privileged? Perhaps you should be tax exempt and have butlers paid for by the goverment too?

The Disability Rights Commission says: “This is a monstrous tax on the sick as it’s more than likely that disabled blue badge holders will have to attend hospital more often.

So the DRC admits that the disabled are already a disproportionate burden to the National Health Service, but believe that the free ride should extend to incidental living expenses now too!

By all means strive for equality, but don’t lose sight of what that actually means and damage your cause in the process. Don’t confuse a disability with just being a tightwad. You want equality? Well be careful what you wish for as you might just get it!

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