Tony Blair – King of the Chavs

Chavs have a new leader – the leader of our country!

I gazed in utter disbelief at the Red Nose Day comedy sketch in which Tony Blair featured last weekend. It is a disgrace that a serving Prime Minister should so publicly demonstrate such lack of dignity and disrespect for his elected position. For those that did not witness the spectacle, it is available here for your amusement and derision.

By all means show your support for a charitable cause, but would any of our previous premiers have been so foolish as to appear in a self-deprecating parody, which only served to further exhibit their failure to educate and control our disaffected youth? Can you imagine Baroness Thatcher volunteering to ridicule herself like this on television? No, because she demonstrated propriety and decorum and is consequently still revered by public and statesmen alike.

Blair is an embarassment and his gradual erosion of moral values and apathetic acceptance of chav ‘culture’ is destroying this once proud nation. To use his own vernacular, he ain’t bovvered though.

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