Night Driving


“When was the last time you just went for a drive?”

This was the question (from VW’s evocative ‘Night Driving‘ advert) that set me thinking.

I can’t think of when I last just went for a drive for the pure enjoyment of it. I love driving and I love cars, so when was this particular pleasure taken from me?

I believe the eco-evangelists are responsible. It is no longer considered acceptable to burn fuel for the sake of it. Think of your carbon footprint! The government has done everything it can to price me out of recreational driving – tax on fuel, road tax, congestion tax.

Driving is just no longer fun and certainly not a responsible activity to be indulging in. We are made to feel selfish for having a heavy right foot or purchasing a car for aesthetics or performance rather than its eco-credentials.

It is time to de-program ourselves from the guilt ridden eco-brainwashing and start enjoying life again. Go for a drive! 🙂

If I haven’t inspired you, perhaps this will?

Somewhere between 3 and 4am.
Night time. The best time to drive.
The air flows fresh and cool through your open window.
All lights seem green, the road is yours.

It’s calm, it’s effortless.
It’s for the joy of driving.
No rush.
No need to be somewhere at a certain time.

Just feeling the road, the car, the environment.

Give yourself time.
Let every moment linger.

The music floats along,
Mirroring the rhythm of the engine,
Never thumping, never overpowering
Just softly underlining every passing tree, house and hedge
and transforming your simple journey
info a beautiful film.

Slowly tiredness sets in,
You turn,
Arriving before the sun,
Leaving your Golf
Until another night,
A night perfect for night driving.

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