Bikers: fear the Rover driver!

Not that I could possibly condone the action of shooting dead an as-yet seemingly innocent biker on the M40, but I can’t help feeling a sick sense of satisfaction if this terrible event contributes to a decline in the numbers of these egotistical imbeciles taking to our roads.

What I can’t understand or find an answer to is why these ear-splitting noise machines are legally permitted on the public highway? If any other vehicle has a defective or noisy exhaust then they are liable for prosecution, but these infernal machines are antisocial by design and somehow get away with causing distress and intimidation on a daily basis.

My only consolation is that the dangers of piloting these death machines means there is a higher risk – and dare I say expectancy 😈 – that many Neanderthal riders will wipe themselves out anyway, without intervention from snipers in incongruous saloon cars. Could this be the work of a vigilante pensioner with years of repressed vengeance to take out on the biker population? It’s time for you to feel the fear – beware the mighty Rover 620!

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