O2 Broadband & Linksys WAG354G

If you don’t want to use the O2 Broadband provided router and would prefer to use your own Linksys WAG354G, here are the configuration settings you require (note: this assumes that you have a static IP address):

Encapsulation: RFC 1483 Bridged
Multiplexing: LLC
QoS Type: UBR
Autodetect: Disable
VPI: 0
VCI: 101
DSL Modulation: ADSL2+

Internet IP Address: supplied to you by O2
Subnet Mask:
Gateway: supplied to you by O2
Primary DNS:
Second DNS:

PPPoE Session: Disable

MTU: Manual
Size: 1500

4 thoughts on “O2 Broadband & Linksys WAG354G

  1. WAG354G & HG200(tescos)
    New unofficial firmware(open source)……….

    I’ve been using this firmware for some time and its very stable (I’ve never had to re-boot)…see changes below
    (no need to buy a new router)

    Neptune354 v0.2

    Download page…..

    Changes for v0.2 (latest DSP for ASDL)

    1. Base source code updated to 1.01.12

    2. Graphic lifting in web interface.

    3. Support for OptWare package system from NSLU-2 Project (http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/Optware/Packages).
    Packages must be installed in a NFS mounted folder.
    The package list is: http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/unslung/wl500g
    Optware is activated from telnet with command: “optware-install”

    4. Run a script after DSL Connection (put here your custom iptables rules, routes, nameservers…).
    Administration -> Management

    5. Support for wireless authentication via a Radius Server.
    “WPA Radius” : you have to authenticate against the RADIUS server after a successful login to the WLAN (using WPA-PSK).
    “Radius” : “WEP Radius”.

    6. Multiple (2) PPPoE connections support.

    7. Wan mac adress Cloning (only with PPPoE).
    Setup -> MAC Address Clone.

    8. Fix for Windows Vista tcp scaling.

    9. Added optimizations to network for better P2P and less memory footprint.

    10. Router act as a NFS client.
    You can mount a NFS shared folder at boot. Mount point is /opt/.
    Configuration in Administration->Utility

    11. Time is now synchronized using (a standard) ntp daemeon called openntpd, updated time zones.

    12. Fixed bug of time “not available” when qos is enabled.

    13. Added more console utilites; “mtd” used to flash independently root fs and kernel.

    14. DSL stats in Status -> DSL Connection:
    DSLAM Chipset Brand
    # of failed trainings
    DSP Datapump version

    15. Free ram memory showed in Status.

    16. Fixed traceroute issues.

    17. Fixed snmp issue.

    18. Added support for HG200 AnnexA/B.

    19. Fixed disconnection issues ppp-lcp ( thnx johnathana).

    20. Latest DSL DSP Firmware 7.04 from Texas Instrument for Annex A/B.

    Hope this helps…


    P.S. You need to check hardware version of your router (on the label)

  2. If you don’t have a static IP address…

    The changes from the default setup page as follows……

    Encapsulation: RFC 1483 Bridged
    Multiplexing: LLC
    QoS Type: UBR
    Autodetect: Disable
    VPI: 0
    VCI: 101
    DSL Modulation: MultiMode -i.e the router detects that the link is ASDL2+..no need to set

  3. Did you find the Linksys router more reliable than the O2 one?

    The ethernet interfaces seem to die on mine at least once per day and I need to reset the dam thing…

    I’ve got a Linksys WAG354g somewhere and wonder whether its worth digging out…

    Did you find the sync speed better/worse or no change?

    Thanks for posting the settings!! I’ll give it a go if you think its worth it…


    • Hi Tris. I replaced my Linksys with a newer O2 badged (Thomson) router a while ago and it has been 100% reliable. I have good contacts at O2 Broadband that can help with your reset problem if you care to drop me a note with more details. They are keen to get to the bottom of any reported network/router issues, so I’m sure they will help.

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