Review: iPeng 1.0 for iPhone

Having written a previous post about the iPeng SqueezeCenter skin for iPhone, I was interested to see the iPeng iPhone application in the Apple iTunes App Store.

iPeng is a fantastically useful application which allows you to browse your SqueezeCenter music collection and control Squeezebox devices from an iPhone. In fact in terms of functionality it is very similar to the Squeezebox Controller, which generally retails for around £175. So at a price of £5.99 ($9.99) on iTunes, iPeng is excellent value for money.

The application makes good use of the iPhone’s swipe gestures and touch-screen interface to facilitate simple switching between Squeezebox devices. It also allows you to control the volume of individual clients and add or remove Squeezebox clients from a synchronisation group. Having the power to control all your devices from the palm of your hand comes in particularly useful when moving around the house, negating the need to be near devices to use infrared controllers.

Browsing your music collection is again very simple and cover art is displayed when available. If I could add one wish it would be for the iPod type cover-flow view, perhaps this will come with a later update?

Overall, a superb application which functions exceedingly well. If you have a Squeezebox (or multiple Squeezeboxes) and an iPhone or iPod Touch then do yourself a favour and download this application.

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