Automount Drobo FS shares in Mac OS X

To configure Mac OS X to automatically mount a Drobo FS share whenever it is accessed:

Add the following line to /etc/auto_master:

/Volumes/Drobo                      auto_drobo

Then (as root) create the file /etc/auto_drobo and add your mounts to it, e.g.

Share1 -fstype=smbfs ://username1:password1@
Share2 -fstype=smbfs ://username2:password2@

Use the following command to start the automount:

/usr/sbin/automount -vc

Now whenever the volume is accessed it will be automatically mounted.

You might also want to change the default automount timeout setting which is in /etc/autofs.conf.

12 thoughts on “Automount Drobo FS shares in Mac OS X

  1. Why is it that after the Drobo goes to sleep and then comes back on my mac will readdress it? Usually it will be /Volumes/Media…but then it will change to /Volumes/Media-1….There is no Media-1 folder on the Drobo at all.

    • I don’t set a sleep timeout on my Drobo FS, it’s on all the time. But if your Drobo’s sleeping is causing this issue then it’s probably because your Mac hasn’t unmounted the old volume.

      To overcome this set your automount timeout to match that of the Drobo. That way automount will expire and unmount the volume at around the same time as the Drobo goes to sleep.

      The default automount timeout is set to 60 minutes, but you can set the duration before an unused export or share is unmounted by editing the /etc/autofs.conf file and changing the AUTOMOUNT_TIMEOUT option.

  2. Problem solved, so far so good. Thanks for the help. Now I need to get the location set back to /Volumes/Media, instead of /Volumes/Media-5…so I’m thinking I just reset all devices…?

  3. My DroboFS is always mounted when I check from the Terminal andn works just fine. But, when I click on it in the Finder window it alway has to connect. If I click on Shared / DroboFS and it connects, then I click on a directory outside of DroboFS and immediately click back on DroboFS, it has to connect again. WTF? Why can’t this mother stay connected in the Finder window?

  4. I know this is an old post but I am trying to use it to mount my drobo 5n. But when i go to /Volumes/Drobo/Public it doesn’t work it says “-bash: cd: /Volumes/Drobo/Public/: No locks available”

    Ive tried many variations on the auto_drobo file like:

    Public -fstype=smbfs ://cruncher1:cruncer1@
    Public -fstype=smbfs ://cruncher1:cruncer1@
    Public -fstype=smbfs ://anonymous@
    Public -fstype=smbfs ://anonymous@
    Public -fstype=smbfs ://
    Public -fstype=smbfs ://

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