They have the most banal and irritating advertising campaign ever (which makes goCompare.com look positively award winning!) and now webuyanycar.com has been investigated by the Office of Fair Trading who have taken enforcement action against them over concerns that its online valuations were misleading.

The full investigation can be found on the OFT web site.

We Buy Any Car Limited also has a bit of history with the Advertising Standards Authority …

… and in the national press (this article from The Sun):

CAR sales “specialist” WEBUYANYCAR sacked an employee for paying too much for a motor, the worker has claimed.

He was among dozens of readers who emailed us to complain about the company after it was slammed by regulators last week for ripping off Brits.

The employee, who asked to remain anonymous, claimed colleagues “reset” service warning lights on cars they bought. It meant they could sell them for more at auction.

WeBuyAnyCar yesterday said anyone found doing so would be “dismissed”.

A spokesman added: “We train our buyers to make accurate valuations. Occasionally the buyer proves incapable of the task and we have to let them go.”

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