Squeezebox Receiver without a controller

It is indeed possible to setup a standalone Logitech Squeezebox (Duet) media receiver without needing to fork out for the controller. To be frank there are much better (and cheaper) controller software solutions out there for iOS and Android, but an extra Squeezebox receiver can be very handy.

The Squeezebox receiver can currently be picked up for just shy of £80 from Superfi – inclusive of VAT and delivery!

Once you’ve got your receiver you’ll need to configure it with an IP address and server information. Usually this would be done via the controller, but thanks to Robin Bowes you can use his Net::UDAP Perl module to do it all from a PC or Mac.

As long as you’re comfortable using the command line and Perl, you will find the udap_shell.pl script very simple to use and be up and running within minutes.

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