Using a Dell C1760nw printer with macOS Big Sur, Monterey & Ventura

The upgrade to macOS 11 ‘Big Sur’ has been mostly successful for me, except that I can’t install drivers for my trusty old Dell C1760nw printer. After a bit of playing, I’ve found a way around this.

First off, it’s worth knowing that the Dell C1760nw colour laser printer is actually a rebadged version of the Xerox Phaser 6000B printer. The Xerox printer drivers are more recent than Dell’s, but sadly they still don’t support Big Sur. I have a solution however, if you’re comfortable with a bit of command line manipulation.

First download (but don’t install) the latest Phaser 6000 drivers from Xerox.

You should now have the file 6000_6010_Print_Installer_v2_6.dmg in Downloads.

Open a Terminal window and issue these commands:

hdiutil mount ~/Downloads/6000_6010_Print_Installer_v2_6.dmg

cp /Volumes/6010\ 6000\ Print\ Installer/6010\ 6000\ Installer.pkg /tmp

cd /tmp

pkgutil --expand-full 6010\ 6000\ Installer.pkg expanded

cd /tmp/expanded/installationfiles.pkg

sudo cp -a Payload/Library/* /Library

Now open Printers & Scanners in Mac System Preferences.

Add Printer and give the IP address of your Dell printer, selecting Line Printer Daemon (LPD) as the Protocol.

In the ‘Use’ drop-down menu at the bottom choose ‘Select software’ and choose ‘Xerox Phaser 6000B v2.6’

Next you should get an error message saying the printer software was installed incorrectly. Don’t be concerned, this is a good sign!

Select ‘Repair’ to let macOS do its magic and your Dell C1760nw printer will be ready for use.

December 2022 update: I have tested this same installation method on a fresh macOS Ventura build and confirm that it still works.


14 thoughts on “Using a Dell C1760nw printer with macOS Big Sur, Monterey & Ventura

  1. Hi. I’m trying to make this work on the latest version of Big Sur. All looked like it will fly but when I went to printer, I got a FILTER FAILED message in the PRINT PROGRESS screen. **HELP*
    FYI, the printer info showed that the IP addy is, which is what I used.

    • The IP address of your printer definitely won’t be as that is a non-routable address which signifies your default route. It will likely be something like 192.168.x.x

  2. Hi Thank you for this blog. I am not sure why Xerox provide these type of guides instead they force their customers to buy new printers (potentially). Anyway I got a Xerox Phaser 6125 and i would like to be able use this to install my Xerox 6125. Is this something you can provide guidence, maybe if you can write a set of instruction on how to do this on General basis.

  3. Great – driver Xerox Phaser 6000B works for my printers Dell C1760NW and Dell 1350cnw as well for Wifi direct printers – tested with macOS 11 ‘Big Sur’ 🙂 Thx. I am curious also about solution for Net printers – so far I have both printers through Synology router RT2600 shared as Net printers – macbook see both of printers through Bonjour correctly as Net printers and installation with Xerorx drivers was fine – but printing does NOT work as Net printers. pitty

  4. I tried your method MANY times but still get nowhere. It fails because having done all your step. first, zHowever, one thing I didn’t do is “select Line Printer Daemon (LPD) as the Protocol.” That’s because it simply does not show up as I proceed through the Add Printer instruction you gave. Most important, when I scroll down to select the driver–I do not see the option of Xerox Phaser 6000B at all. There are other Xerox Phaser drivers listed, but none in the series off interest: 6010. Why not? And what’s the point of the downloading the latest Xerox driver (which does not work), and not installing it (it does always fail)? It’s not recognized in any of the Add Printer menus.
    Any further help would be much appreciated!

    • In my instructions you’ll see that although you don’t use the Xerox Phaser Print Installer directly, the driver files are extracted and copied to the system location where they can be used in the printer setup. If you do not have the LPD option in the protocol drop-down then I’d suggest your MacOS may have other problems.

  5. This is not working on Monterey. There seems to be a problem with the last command “cp -a Payload/Library /”, yielding “cp: setattrlist: /Library: Operation not permitted” even if using sudo.

    To the question why Xerox is not updating their drivers, of course the reason is revenue. In capitalism nature, human rights or animal rights always come last, if at all. The paradigm is of course increasing revenue, making more of it and devising stsrategies on how to increase the incresing of the increase. Everything else is greenwashing, blindness and idiocracy. Wake up!

    • I had problems with this on BigSur as well. Problem seemed to be that macOS doesn’t like that you do things in the root directory. I changed the command to:
      sudo cp -a Payload/Library/* /Library
      which worked fine for me.

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