iTunes Connect Availability Date

What time will an app go live in iTunes when setting an Availability Date in the future?

The answer is quite simple. Assuming your app has been approved and is in the ‘Ready for Sale’ state, it will be published in each App Store territory at midnight local time.

For example, if you have chosen to publish your app in the Australian, UK and US App Stores and set an availability date of 1st June then your app will go live at 0.00 hrs local time on the morning of 1st June in each territory.

The time in London when your app will go live:

  • Australia: 31st May 15.00 hrs
  • United Kingdom: 1st June 00.00 hrs
  • United States: 1st June 08.00 hrs

This means that your app will go live in some territories before it is available in the UK.