Man or Mouse?

In case it wasn’t immediately obvious by reading the contents of this site, I am the sort of person who tends to complain when something annoys me. I don’t go out of my way to castigate random members of the public, but I do take exception to deliberately anti-social behaviour, particularly from kids who seem to revel in Chav culture.

I have noticed an alarming increase in violent assaults recently:

» BBC: Man sought over chip row stabbing
» BBC: Student dies in racist axe attack
» BBC: Man loses eye after bottle attack

“A man who was attacked by a gang of youths after his friend complained about a bike left in the middle of a pavement, has lost an eye.”

I have complained at kids before for leaving their bikes strewn across the pavement, or when they stand on street corners and try to intimidate local residents, but is it worth risking my eye or life to do this again?

The answer is no, I will no longer get involved. I have given up the fight for decency, from now on I’m a mouse. This is a depressing admission.


A few weeks ago I was running in a public park and was forced to hurdle over a dog lead because the dog walkers didn’t have the common decency to move aside. I made a passing remark about their behaviour (I wasn’t rude or abusive), which resulted in their throwing a glass bottle at me! What is provoking supposedly ordinary people to overreact in such a violent manner?


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