Cash Machine Scams

Some old photos showing how a common cash machine scam is operated.

Looks normal right?

But it isn’t!

The gangs attach these inconspicuous devices to the cash machine and wait for unsuspecting customers. When you insert your card they copy the magnetic stripe details, which is enough to create a cloned card. The camera records your key presses and so they have your PIN too. After skimming a few cards they download the information to a PC, often remotely from a nearby vehicle.

The first you know about it is when you find your bank account has been emptied 😥

Examine the card slot carefully before inserting your card. If you see anything suspicious, do not use the machine!

Most importantly, cover your hand when keying your PIN. This scam relies on being able to see your input, so don’t feel embarassed about covering up.

» BBC: Police issue cash machine warning
» Thames Valley Police: Suspected skimming device – Maidenhead

More photos at National Criminal Intelligence Service.

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