My Squeezebox is Booming again

After many months of uninterrupted usage, out of the blue my Squeezebox Boom started freezing and resetting. The display would alternate between the regular idle screen and “Connecting” and the device was almost completely unresponsive to controls.

Suspecting a software issue I performed a factory reset and re-entered network settings. Neither had a positive effect. I then tried connecting via Ethernet cable and the box worked fine again.

After some trial and error I discovered that my iPhone was also exhibiting erratic network behaviour on the same WiFi network. Data throughput speeds would vary wildly and performance was inconsistent.

There was no sign of anything wrong with either the WiFi access point or broadband router, so eventually I experimented with some settings and changed the WiFi channel. Hey presto! The Squeezebox immediately sprung back to life and the iPhone has consistent high throughput again. I can’t detect any other WiFi routers in the vicinity on the same channel, so I can only assume that some other wireless device is operating in the 2.4GHz band and was generating noise at that frequency.

If you’re having similar problems with your Squeezebox, try changing your WiFi channel.

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