Microsoft, what’s my MAC address?

Using MAC address filtering to add an extra layer of security to your WiFi network?

Need to know the MAC address of your shiny new Windows Phone 7 device?

You’re out of luck!

There is a rather illuminating discussion on Microsoft Answers – MAC address for WP7 Devices – that sheds light on the issue…

A WP7 customer asks:

I wanted to connect my WP7 device to my home WiFi. However, I will need to know the MAC address of the WP7 before I can connect.

Can anyone let me know where to get it?

Johan van Mierlo (a Microsoft MVP Windows Phone Specialist) replies with:

Yup, they only way is to make sure your wireless network is visible, connect with WEP or other security and afterward make your network invisible again.

Another couple of customers comment:

seems like microsoft just “forgot” to implement that…

I cannot believe this was missed..

My thoughts exactly.

Microsoft, are you for real? You don’t exactly have a great track record when it comes to security and the only way of obtaining the WiFi MAC address of a WP7 device is to disable security?

A leopard never changes its spots!

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