Hotmail account recovery

I’m trying to resurrect an old address to use it as a Windows Live ID.

Admittedly the last time I used the address was a few years ago, but it is still mine and I should be able to get it back right?

The first obvious problem I encounter is that I’ve forgotten the password. I try the ‘Reset your password‘ link and gave the secret answer to my security question.

Windows Live responds with: “This option is temporarily unavailable because incorrect information was entered too many times. Please try another option or try again later.”

So far so bad.

I go for the ‘Customer Support’ option instead and attempt to fill out an account recovery form.

“Help us to make sure that this is you. To recover your account, enter as much information as you can.”

I have a go at providing old passwords, possible subject lines for old emails and contacts I’ve previously sent email to. I last used the account in 2008 so my memory is more than a bit hazy.

After a few hours I received this email response from Microsoft:

Unfortunately, we could not verify your ownership of using the information you provided. Your account recovery request with issue number 12345678 has been closed.

In keeping with Microsoft’s commitment to protecting online privacy, Windows Live takes account security seriously. Passing the account recovery process can be difficult. Please reconsider your originally submitted information, as well as provide any additional information when submitting a new account recovery request.

Here are some suggestions to assist you in submitting a new request:

  • Answer questions using the information you used when you created the account or last updated it.
  • Submit the recovery request from a computer you frequently use for Windows Live services.
  • Answer as many questions as you can and be as precise as possible.
  • For questions with multiple answers, such as email subjects and contacts, provide as many answers as you can.
  • If you have difficulty remembering email subjects or contacts, try reaching out to family, friends, or business contacts to verify.

Ready? Click here to submit a new Windows Live account recovery request.

Please do not reply to this message. Replies to this message are routed to an unmonitored mailbox.

Thank you,
Windows Live

Not a great help. I’ve tried a couple more times, but I get the same response each time.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or have I lost my account forever?

3 thoughts on “Hotmail account recovery

  1. My hotmail account was stopped. I am trying to recover my accopunt as all my files and contacts are on that account ending with .com . I was asked to open new account but this account does not show all my contacts and my saved files. How can I recover my old email
    Ranjit Samat

  2. The above mentioned experiences that that gentleman had is the same as me. I received a message from Microsoft that they suspect someone is trying to use my account, and that i need to retrieve my account and to follow the steps which was the same ways that that gentleman above had. Until now I just cant gain excess into my old account which had all my contact names and files. I am really lost not as I can get to contact all my business contacts. I just wonder what is Hotmail trying to do? Can they just provide any help or make other better suggestion so that we can recover and get back our all email? Please advise what I can do next in order to recover my Hotmail.

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