All Your MMS Are Belong To China

A warning about the GO SMS Pro messaging app in Android Market.

I have discovered that when used in a particular way the app uploads your private MMS image attachments to a public web server in China (

For example, here’s one I sent earlier –

It doesn’t tell you that it’s doing this and the client settings aren’t obvious. Worst of all there is no way to delete images once they have been posted.

Try it for yourself:

  • Open GO SMS Pro and start composing a new message
  • Add some text and then tap on the paperclip icon to add an attachment
  • In the GO tab, tap Pictures and select an image to attach, then tap Send

You’ll see that instead of a true MMS with an embedded image attachment being sent, your image has been uploaded to a Chinese web server and your message now contains a link to it.

If you are using this app in place of your stock messaging client and want to be sure that your images are sent only to the intended recipient, then I strongly urge you to uninstall immediately.

7 thoughts on “All Your MMS Are Belong To China

  1. Is there anyway of disabling this option? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I received a picture and there was a url first then the image… I opened my laptop to confirm and sure enough there was the image on the internet!! CRAZY

    • In the latest GO SMS software update there is a ‘GO Share Tips’ page which says:

      1. GO Share in GO SMS is a service that combines secure Cloud Services & SMS, which help you share any files by one message;

      2. GO Share can reduce your data flow and save your time by compressing the files up to 50%;

      3. The files you share will be saved in Cloud for 3 days..

      The URL referenced in my original blog post is no longer visible, so perhaps they are expiring them now.

  2. That was a fast reply, thanks. Either way, I don’t want my images on those servers. I wish there was a way to completely remove that option. So I’m uninstalling it. Which sucks because it was a great program and looked good. I’m going on the hunt for another cool SMS app.
    Thanks for the great post, I don’t think anyone else is covering this big problem.

  3. Just discovered this and I felt sick!,. fortunately Iv looked into it and all files are deleted after 3 days, I sent a picture that I really dont want in the public domain lol,.

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