Twitter Typosquatting

I just mistyped as and was surprised to find that I was redirected to what looked like a Twitter survey / competition page.

The logo at the top of the page is presumably deliberately designed to fool you into thinking that it’s an official Twitter survey:


You’ve been selected to take part in our short, anonymous 30 second questionnaire. To say “thank you”, you’ll have the opportunity to receive one of our exclusive offers including a Airline Travel Voucher and Win an iPad2. Start this short survey now.

I tried going to a few times and was redirected to a number of alternative domains, each with the same fake ‘quiz’:

I got bored of harvesting all the various quiz and survey related domain names (they actually had some really good names), but I collected around 70 and submitted them to the OpenDNS Community tagged as Adware.

Incidentally, if you’re not already using the fantastic OpenDNS service then I highly recommend it.

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