Marketing recycling

Notice any similarities between these two adverts?

The top one is a 2008 brand campaign for O2, the one below it is the new Lotto advert for National Lottery.

O2 'Better Connected' 2008

O2 ‘Better Connected’ 2008

National Lottery 2013

National Lottery 2013

Now who is in charge of marketing at National Lottery operator Camelot?

That would be Sally Cowdry, O2’s ex-Marketing Director!

She likes to recycle 🙂

Cookie Monster

On visiting the web site of The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead you are greeted with this message:

To which if you respond that you don’t consent to receiving cookies you get this message:

What part of “No, I don’t consent to receiving cookies” do they not understand?!

Why the long face?

I spotted this article in my local paper. I don’t wish to make light of an obviously harrowing experience for the victim, but what a vivid physical description! Could this thief be the King of Chavs? I’d love to see an artists impression!

A BIG-EARED robber with missing teeth kicked and shoved a man before stealing his £300 mobile phone.

The victim had sat down on a grass verge near the junction of Keel Drive and Chalvey High Street to read a text at around 1.45pm on Thursday last week.

He noticed a man standing in front of him who asked for the time, but then pulled him to his feet before pushing him back into a concrete bridge support.

The robber then managed to grab the phone and shoved the victim to the ground and kicked him before running off towards Chalvey Grove.

The robber is described as white, aged 20 to 25, around 5ft 10in with a long face.

He had big ears and a couple of front teeth missing from the top row. He was wearing a blue and white striped polo shirt, blue jeans, white trainers and a dark blue baseball cap, with a chunky gold ring on his right hand.

A second man, who may have been acting as an accomplice keeping lookout, wore blue jeans and white trainers.

If you have information phone the police on 08458 505505 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

I believe I may have identified the thief…

FedEx Furniture

Jose Avila recently moved to a new apartment in Arizona, but he couldn’t afford to furnish it. He discovered that he could order packing material from the FedEx web site and used his design skills to craft a sofa, dining table, chairs, desks and bed all from FedEx boxes.

» Blog: FedEx Furniture

Jose has published his marvelous handywork as a personal Blog but unfortunately those miserable people at FedEx are using legal force in an attempt to shut it down. They claim that he is infringing both the copyright and trademarks of FedEx and have invoked the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

» Stanford Law School: Latest News in FedExFurniture Case

… and there was me thinking that FedEx had a sense of humour?

» CNN Money: FedEx parody commercial

Six Foot Fridge

Apparently, someone in London recently sent an urgent video tape via courier to BBC Bristol, which duly arrived in the post room at said outpost of The Corporation. One of the operatives therein – noticing that the label was peeling off – decided to replace it with a new one. He removed the original and stuck it on the fridge, intending to copy the address after lunch.

The next morning, the sender of the tape was surprised to find this voice message (mp3) on his mobile.